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After last week’s less than satisfying Bauman Lunch we wanted to go somwhere we knew would not disappoint, a tried and true Bauman favorite: Pizza Nova.

The garlic rolls were so good we asked for extras!

Bronson and I split the small Thai Chicken Pizza which was excellent and plenty for two people.

Jared, Jacob, and Christin (Jacob’s girlfriend) all order the Spicy Chicken Wrap…well Jacob and Christin shared one because they are enormous, Jared had to take half of his home for dinner. Below is the picture of the half that didn’t get eaten….yes that is only half!

The day was the end of an era as we finished the “Bargument” book…now we need to find a new book of questions, does anyone have any suggestions for us? The most heated question of the day was: List the sports from hardest to easiest: Soccer, Field Hockey, and Lacrosse…clearly Soccer is the hardest and anyone that cares to argue (Bronson, Jacob, and Christin) will get a swift kick to the shins…can anyone tell what my sport of choice is:)

Everyone enjoyed their lunch and we all left happy!

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