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In observance of Earth Day on Wednesday we decided to pick a restaurant that we could walk to for Bauman Lunch. Picking a new place was not an easy task because for some reason none of us could agree on where to go…well I guess it was just me that couldn’t agree. We finally decided on Spaghetteria.

The menu outside advertised an express lunch that looked pretty good to everyone.

Since I have been lagging on buying the new book of questions Jared found an app on his phone with “would you rather” questions which provided everyone with a lot of laughs. These questions kept us occupied for awhile as we waited for our “express lunches” but the wait became apparent as all of us grew more and more hungry. We must have waited for an hour for our food.

When it finally came everyone enjoyed what they got however I can’t say that it was worth the wait.

We will probably never go to this restaurant again solely because of the poor service. We even decided that we should each take a photo to better describe our lunch experience.

Jacob: Looks good on the outside but slow as poop.

Me: This plant was alive when we arrived at the restaurant.

Jared: Red, the color of waiting

Bronson: I think I just pissed away a whole afternoon.

Eder: self explanatory

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