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As promised here is the Bauman lunch post that was supposed to go up on Friday, I am feeling a bit of pressure to make it extra spectacular so I hope I don’t let anyone down.

We ventured to a new restaurant for everyone: Pei Wei in Mission Valley which is the faster, more casual version of PF Changs. I have to say first off that I was really impressed by the service before I even received my food. We had our full group plus Sara (Jared’s girlfriend) so we were a bigger party than I think Pei Wei is use to but they took our orders quickly and had a table large enough for us ready to go.

We all got our food quickly,

everyone enjoyed their dish,

Jacob got a chance to show off his mad chopstick skills,

and Bronson tried to show up Jared’s Jaguar shot from our lunch at Bronx Pizza.

All and all it was another wonderful and fantastic Bauman Lunch!

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