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It seems like when ever we decide to walk to a Bauman Lunch spot we pick the day with the worst weather. Wednesday this week was super windy and cold so naturally we deciding to walk over half a mile to try out a taco shop Bronson had heard of.

Taco Express, a little hole in the wall place on State Street.

The inside area was extremely small but thankfully it had an enclosed patio that was shielded from the wind where we enjoyed our lunch.

The staff there was very friendly bringing us an order of nachos while we waited for our food.

Bronson and Eder both ordered soft tacos while Jacob and I opted for burritos. All and all I would have to say the food was just okay, my burrito was not hot which made it not as enjoyable as I would have liked.

So with a satisfactory lunch behide us and a long walk home ahead it was the perect time for a photo shoot. Here is Bronson taking a minute to make a call at the phone booth that was missing the phone.

This was a cool wall that made for a great backdrop for a group photo.

Bronson took some risks in this high fashion spread, I really think he missed his calling as a super model.

And the finale…Bronson and Jacob competed to get the best jumping shot. We will let you be the judge but the following elements of a good jump should all be taken into consideration for your vote: height, facial expression, form, and creativity.

*Note we are professionals, don’t try this at home.



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