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After the proposal has been accepted and the ring is on your finger the dress hunt begins. Some girl’s have imagined what their dress will look like from the time they were young but a new trend has been taking over, the dress change. Girls have been opting not to limit themselves to just one dress for their big celebration. Most want a traditional dress for the ceremony and then something a little more fun and flirty for their reception. And while this has come a little more common Bronson had his first ever ¬†four-dress wedding…yep Josyl took the dress change to the next level with 4 outfit changes, each with a purpose:

The traditional for the ceremony.

The first dance dress that started long…

and as the routine picked up ended up short!

Then she put a unique twist on the traditional honeymoon dance…which involved a pole and of course another outfit change.

The finishing look was a red party dress to close out the night.

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