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Jacob Willis is the truly the king of deals, if there is a special going on anywhere he knows about it. This Wednesday for our weekly Bauman Studio lunch Jacob was looking for someplace we could get the best deal and he came up with a winner.

There is a sandwich place here in Little Italy called the Spicy Pickle and he found that if you register on their website to become a VIP they email you a coupon for a free entree with the purchase of a drink…so naturally we were all sold!

The spicy pickle has a a lot of great choices: grilled paninis (which Bronson and Jacob both went for), regular subs (which was my choice), salads, and pizzas.

And they all came with you guessed it a spicy pickle on the side. My sandwich was great and the fact that it was free made it even better!

And since we were able to walk to lunch of course there was a Little Italy portrait session on our walk home.

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