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On Wednesday the usual crew plus Sara and Christen decided to hit up an old favorite, Phil’s BBQ and because it is someplace that we have already written about the decided to make it interesting with some creative photography by using the fish eye lens.

Phil’s was extremely crowded but their friendly employees helped us order quickly and get a big table.

The food as usual was excellent, I order the Chick Tickler which I think is my new fav there.

And as we didn’t eat enough at lunch we decided it was the perfect day to put our Pinkberry gift card that David Hahn the flower arrangement genius behind Willem-Aiden gave us to use. We had forgotten it back at the studio so while I ran in to get it the boys had a little outdoor portrait session.

Pinkberry was great, Eder tried out tart with chocolate and strawberries; Bronson had tart with white chocolate, fruity pebbles, and coconut; Jacob had an all fruit smoothy; Jared went with green tea strawberries and kiwi; and I had something I highly recommend (in fact I have been dreaming about going back ever since Wednesday) tart with strawberries and captian crunch…YUM!

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