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As many of you know Jared has finally returned from his travels and so we once again have a full crew for Bauman Lunch, yay! This week Jared had a request for lunch, he really wanted Thai food…apparently there is a lot of Thai food in Australia and he was already missing it.

We hit up a little place in Hillcrest called Lotus Thai because we heard they had great lunch specials…which they did. Each lunch special was under $10 and came with…

Soup, which I wasn’t too fond of but everyone else seemed to enjoy,

An entree, salad, and an eggroll. The most popular menu items at our table were the Drunken Noodles and the Pad Thai. I had the Panang Curry which was very tastey.

The restaurant itself is very cute with lots of interesting decor, which of course put the guys in portrait photography mode.

They had several of these walls of water, which I think would make a great addition to our studio:)

After lunch Bronson was overjoyed that his meter had not run out which inspired this action shot.

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