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This week for our Bauman Lunch we were missing two of our beloved photographers Jared and Jacob but we invited an old studio friend Kristin Murdock which made for a great time! We went to a place I have never been to or even heard of before: Devine Pastabilities….and once I was told about it I was a little skeptical.

For those of you who have not heard of this concept before here is what you are missing, Devine Pastabilities is famous for their “torpasta” which is your choice of a variety of different pasta dishes served inside a hollowed out torpedo bread roll…definitely not for the carb conscious

Bronson did not let the overwhelming amount of carbs scare him, he really went for it ordering the 12 inch beefy mac and cheese torpasta and he loved it! Me being a little less daring stuck with a standard torpedo sandwich which was excellent, I think they brush the bread with garlic butter making it extra delicious.

Kristin ordered the pesto torpasta that looked really excellent…maybe next time we go I will get a little more adventurous and give that a try. In any case this restaurant was definitely a good pick and one worth trying…especially the night before a big race when you want to eat an abundance of carbs or if you are just ready for a little splurge.

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