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A couple weeks ago, we were honored to shoot the ArtAlive! event at the San Diego Museum of Art – Jacob and I were able to be there to get photos of the arrangements below and it was such a great concept! Local florists who volunteered were assigned an art piece from the SDMA collection and were challenged to design a floral arrangement that the florist felt best represented the artwork – the ones above were a couple of my favorites and the hyena one was the overall winner from what I heard!
Next, there was a party that evening to thank all of the people involved and the amazing generous donors including Audrey Geisel (the late Dr.Seuss’s wife!) and the honorary chair Mary H. Clark

The next evening was a special edition of the semi-monthly Culture and Cocktails which are always a blast.

Disconnected salon was doing free hairstyling – how cool!

Then, on Sunday, children were invited to do an art scavenger hunt and make their own floral arrangements (out of paper and other materials) to add to the collection on the wall that the museum had started –

Overall, a great family friendly weekend and something that I am glad to participate in to “keep art alive!”

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