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This week for Bauman Lunch we went to a place that Bronson recommended the Corner Bakery Cafe in Mission Valley.

This is a super cute cafe style restaurant…
and it is pretty popular, but we found a place to sit without a problem.

We all ordered sandwiches,

I got the tomato mozzarella on ciabatta ficelle and it was delicous.

Jacob of course found a deal for a free cookie…join the vip club on the website, the cookies are definitely worth it!

After lunch it was portrait time.

Today was action photos in the parking lot…and we were having so much fun we didn’t want lunch to end there.

so we stopped by Pinkberry for a little after lunch treat!

And Bronson decide to give Zoolander a run for his money with these shots…

blue steel has nothing on you Bronson.

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