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As I am writing this today I have come to the realization that we go to pizza quite a bit and even though our photography studio is in Little Italy, a place known for good Italian food we never stay here for it…go figure. That is going to go on the to do list find a good pizza place in Little Italy.

In any case on Wednesday we went to Oggi’s and of course we found a coupon.

I have been to Oggie‘s before but I never realized how large the menu was. They have a ton of lunch combos to choose from and then of course there is all their pizza choices.

Everyone opted for a lunch combo, except Bronson and myself we had to get pizza.

Jared and Eder both went for a grilled chicken sandwich that look great and was huge.

Bronson and I got the Wimbleton pizza which has a ton of yummy veggies on it.

Jacob and Christan went for a burger.

Everyone enjoyed their meal but I think we all returned to the studio wishing we could take a nap.

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