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As many of you know we do our Bauman Lunch every Wednesday. Well we have been wanting to go to a highly recommended sandwich show in Point Loma called Con Pane however it is closed on Wednesdays. Well for what ever reason the stars were aligned this week and we decided to escape the photography studio on Thursday to do our lunch so to Con Pane we went.
Con Pane is a cute bakery style sandwich shop that is actually in a building that use to be a bank, which was a little unusual yet interesting.

The sandwich menu is pretty simple but I think part of what makes this place so popular is the delicious fresh baked breads.

The staff was very friendly and although there was a line when we got there it went very fast.

We had a full group this week with 2 of our interns joining us. Making is easy to grab a lot of unsuspecting candid shots.

Bronson could hardly wait for his order to come up!

You have the choice of getting a half sandwich or a whole, and I have to say the sandwiches are huge.

Especially if you choose ciabatta bread.

Most of us ordered the Turkey Breast Cobb sandwich which was absolutely delicious.

Everyone gave this place a thumbs up…too bad it is not open on Wednesdays.

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