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Most of you know by now from earlier posts that we’d be having a little one soon…Well, She’s finally here!
On Thursday, Megan began to have contractions pretty close together and around 8:30, we decided to head to the hospital – At 2am, Audrey Addison was born. The whole process has been incredible and I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful and amazing wife and now an equally amazing and beautiful daughter! The first few days have been much easier than expected and Audrey has been such an easy baby. We have so much more to learn but we are excited about seeing her grow and learn.

I think the trippiest part to me was meeting my daughter and not recognizing her – because I had never met her of course! But I love that protruding upper lip…

The whole fam came to see her right after she was born – they must have been tired leaving the hospital at 3am!

Audrey was born at 7lbs 6oz and 19.5″ long – she has tons of dark hair, just like her momma did when she was born!

Jared and Sara came by to visit on Friday – Sara has been kind enough to organize meal drop/visits by friends and family this week – Thanks Sara!

Audrey sporting the beanie the hospital put on her right after birth…

Saturday, our first day home with our new daughter – and loving it!

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