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As a bride you meticulously plan out every little detail of your wedding but I don’t think any detail gets more thought and attention then your total appearance. From the dress all the way to what color lipstick you will wear bride’s have a vision of the way they want everything to look. Today’s highlighted detail is just a small part of the total package but it can make such an impact: the wedding day necklace.
Bronson was luck enough to be the photographer for a beautiful Temecula wedding set at Villa de Amore. At this wedding Lauren, the bride wore one of the prettiest bridal necklaces I have seen.

Lauren’s necklace from the front was simple and delicate, and most importantly didn’t take anything away from her beautiful dress but rather complimented it.

However the necklace didn’t stop there, when she turned around it actually added to the low back of the dress.

With it draping down in the back it almost seemed like a part of the dress.

I think this necklace was a timeless choice.

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