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This week we went with a sure thing and returned to one of our favorite lunch locations Chick-fil-A. Our studio likes this restaurant not only because of it’s delicious chicken, but also because they are awesome community partners and do cool stuff for their community like military appreciation night. Check out their personalized website for a gallery that features some cool photos taken by Bronson!
And speaking of Bronson, he was back this week for Bauman lunch! I think we caught him here thinking about his baby Audrey.

Around here Jacob is the king of sweet lunch treats, and this week was no exception. He ordered a very delicious looking brownie.

On the way there I was thinking about sticking to a side salad, but after hearing everyone else order some waffle fries, I could not resist. For an extra crunchy treat, you can ask for your waffle fries extra crispy.

We all enjoyed our meals very much and then it was picture time. This week Jared was ready for his close-up and Cole decided to take Bronson in to custody after taking one too many waffle fries.

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