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If you been to one taco shop, you have been to them all…or have you? This week for Bauman Lunch we headed on a trip a mile north from our studio but to a location that put us back in the 1970’s, south of the border, to a time when men in spandex and masks where the biggest celebrities in Mexico. The location Lucha Libre Taco Shop.
Stepping in to this place was like stepping in to a museum. There were posters, portraits, and masks from luchadors. There were even special edition Nike Dunks hanging from the ceiling with the masked combatants stitched in to the leather. It took us a good 5 minutes before anyone even noticed the menu to see what type of food they served.

On the menu were all of your traditional San Diego tacoshop stuff, like tacos, burritos, tortas, and all that good stuff. They also had a specialty section under those categories where they offered some dishes with an interestingly delicious twist. Two items that we tried of that menu were the Surf and Turf Burrito and the Tap Out Tacos! which included grilled chicken, avacado, pablano sauce and cheese wrapped in a soft corn tortilla. Another interesting item were the TJ Style Hotdogs that came wrapped in bacon and topped with sautéed onions.
After placing the order we made our way to the salsa bar and filled our containers and started salsa tasting. They offered more than 6 types of salsas from the hot, to the mild, to the spicy and sweet. One of the salsas even had mangos in it! My favorite was the creamy cilantro salsa.

We all at and had a great time in this museum style taco shop. In the end there were mixed reviews about the experience. I think we all enjoyed the eye candy. The decoration in this taco shop was extraordinary, you can tell that who ever designed the place has a fun personality and a great sense of humor. Those of us who ordered of the specialty menu really enjoyed the food and the delicious combinations that their cooks created. But those of us who ordered a common item, like the california burrito, said that the food was a bit subpar due to the dried out carne asada meat.

Even though it was a split decision, I recommend checking this place out. It’s a fun place for lunch.

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