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This week we took a trip back to Jared and Bronson’s stomping grounds for Bauman Lunch and visited The Venetian in Point Loma. The restaurant within walking distance of their high school and as we drove it brought back some high school memories.
The Venetian has an classic italian restaurant feel to it. On the outside it had arched window frames with paintings of the city of Venice in them. On the inside, the dining room was dimly lit, there were red booths and wine inspired art work on the walls. The place was almost empty with only one other group in it for lunch.
If you follow our blog, you might know that we love lunch specials. This location is the first location we visited in the last couple of months that did not offer specials. Most of their dishes ranged from the $12-$20 so we stuck to the pizza and sandwich section of their menu to feel like we were getting a better deal on our lunch.
Jared and Bronson decided to split a pizza. They went with the combo pizza that came with pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms for only $15. Jacob and I chose the meatball sandwich for $6.50. The sandwich came with peppercinis, olives, and dipping sauce on the side. I added cheese to mine for an extra dollar.
All in all it was a satisfying lunch. The food was very tasty. The quiet environment was relaxing and a good lunch time escape if you are looking for a quiet getaway if you are in no rush to get back to work.

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