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We are still in search of a great burger in San Diego. This week we went with one of Jacob’s favorite burger places, Fuddruckers. They claim that they have “the worlds greatest burger”, so we were going to put it to the test and take advantage of some 2-for-1 coupons.
We were joined by some special guests this week who were ready to be judges in the burger challenge. Bob and Merrylin, from Artistic Productions, and Bronson’s special ladies, Megan and Audrey took their lunch breaks with us. But I don’t think that Audrey was quite ready for the burger challenge just yet and stuck to the pacifier.
Jacob printed us the 2-for-1 burger coupons, but unfortunately there was some fine print that made us not eligible to use them. The store manager declined them but offered us 10% off our meals. So to get a good deal we decided to split their 1 pound burger to every 2 people.
We ordered a basket of onion rings and a basket of fries to go with our burgers. The onion rings were fried to a golden crisp.
One of the great things about this place is the fact that you can dress your burger your self. After your number is called, you pick up your burger and walk over to the bar with all the condiments and burger fixings. Then you stack your burger just the way you like it. Check out how Bob stacked his half of the one pound burger. Tomatoes, ketchup and relish on the burger and pickles on the side.
Fuddruckers makes a great burger just the way you like it. I think that what made the meal more fulfilling was the fact that you get to put your own signature on the burger with your finishing touch.
The one pound burger was huge. I had trouble finishing my half of it. Word around here is that the last time they went there, Bronson finished his own one pound burger. But I think that might have been while he was training to join the International Federation of Competitive Eating.
Even though the burgers were great, they did not come close to keeping our attention like Audrey did. She stole the spotlight and lunch turned in to a baby portrait session.

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