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Our Bauman Lunch Day started off very colorful thanks to our friends at Wholesale Flowers. They sent us a beautiful flower arrangement as a thank you gift for the photos that we provided for their website.

After smelling the flowers, we were off to lunch. This week we had a craving for some taco shop food. It was perfect timing that Santanas opened a new location a block away from our studio. Their new location is in Little Italy on Kettner Blvd bettween Hawthorne and Grape and for those of you who are night owls, they are open 24/7.

They have the standard taco shop menu but offeres options like whole wheat tortillas to make your meal more nutritious. Santanas has a reputation for great food it’s even been listed on the list for best taco shop. And if you are a San Diego native you know that the best taco shops are in San Diego so being ranked here in this city means a lot.

This week I went with the grilled chicken plate which included rice, beans, fresh salsa, corn chips, and a whole wheat tortilla. Jacob went for the carne asada burrito and Bronson went for the California burrito, which is essentially a carne asada burrito packed with fresh fries. The burrito weighs a pound!

These past couple of months Bronson has had baby on the brain. So when he saw an opportunity to practice his diaper changing skills on his burrito he went right to practicing.

I think overall we were very satisfied. The guys thought that the carne asada was not seasoned as well as Taco Fiesta’s carne asada (which is also within walking distance). However we left there feeling full and satisfied and Jacob and I returned the next day for a second round.

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