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This week the Bauman Team went in a new direction for Bauman Lunch and traveled in to Barrio Logan to visit the famous Porkyland.  For 25 years Porkyland has been a local favorite with a great reputation for its pork carnitas, refried beans and corn tortillas. Porkyland has been successful enough with their tortillas that they are distributed at local Costco stores.

The Challenge this week: shooting everything with a fisheye lens…

We took the whole crew along for lunch this week and were joined by some special guests, Jared’s fiance Sara, a past intern Simeon, a current intern Kara, and our neighbor Joe Park who made the recommendation to try out Porkyland.

When you first walk in to the restaurant you are greeted by their pig mascot on display. Jacob could not resist but to steal a kiss. The restaurant is set up like a fast food place, a walk up, order and pay routine. They offer many things that you might find at Mexican Restaurants, tacos and burritos with different types of meats cooked in various styles.

Jared tried the Pastor Burrito, which is pork that has been marinated and cooked slowly over a two day period on a vertical rotisserie spinning slowly, the meat is thinly sliced and served in a flour tortilla. Sara tried the Carnitas Burrito, which is pork thinly sliced and roasted in a pan on high heat that leaves the meat tender but also a bit crispy from the caramelizing.  I wanted to try a bit of everything so I opted for the 3 mini taco deal, I tried the carnitas, the pastor and the chipotle chicken tacos. Jacob stuck to his usual, he likes to try the California Burrito and different locations. He was surprised that they put beans in their California burrito, but was happy with the overall taste.

I think overall we were all very satisfied with the delicious food and the affordable prices. My mini taco combo was just $5 and many of their items on their menu where under $5.

After lunch we had to walk off the food and strike a pose in front of this cool yellow house.

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