Giorgino’s Deli and the iPhone Photo Challenge


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We created a new challenge for our selves, we are used to taking photos with our professional camera, so we set out to see who could take the best photo at lunch using an iPhone. The rules were simple, each person had a maximum of 5 photos and the we would vote for the best one.

This week we took a drive a couple of neighborhoods over to Giorgino’s Deli. I am a yelp user and love checking out the user reviews on it. Every time I do a search for the highest rated restaurants in a five mile radius Giorgino’s shows up, so it was time to give them a try.

Giorgino’s is located in the Golden Hills community of San Diego, a few minutes from downtown. On their window they proudly display “Best Cheesesteaks in Town!!!” so we could not resist but to put them to the test. All of us ordered the cheesesteak with the works, which included grilled steak with white American cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms & bell peppers. The sandwich was $6.90 and for an additional 46 cents you can add pepperoni. The sandwiches where ready fast and in no time we were outside sitting in the sun enjoying lunch. The best part about the sub to me was how tender the meat was. It felt like it melted just like the cheese had. For me, I think it could have used some more seasoning on the meat. However I am the type that likes to add salt to a lot of things. Next time I’m trying it with the pepperoni.

With it’s convenient location, reasonable prices and delicious cheesesteaks, this is a place that we would recommend you try.

Merry Christmas to everyone from Bauman Photographers!

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