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Well, its finally here …. the time has come 🙂

I’ve been shooting weddings for 9 years. I’ve been speaking to photographers for 4 years. But, I’ve never done a photographer workshop …. until now 🙂

For all the photographers out there …. I’m really excited to announce my first ever, all day, business intensive workshop! The title “Prevail in Business” is exactly what it will help every attendee do …. raise their business to the level they want it to.

I promise this will change your business …. that’s how confident I am in this workshop

For ALL the details, visit the Prevail in Business website (CLICK HERE). Here’s a brief snapshot of what we’ll be covering:

– Automation: A step-by-step look at what and how to automate your business for success
– Thinking like an Owner: A healthy examination of how to treat your business like you are the owner, freeing your time to grow and sustain it
– Marketing: A barrage of marketing tips designed to be easily implemented THAT NIGHT
– Packages and Pricing: A look at how to create tailored packages that will maximize returns
– Interns: How to utilize an intern and maximize their return, without getting taken advantage of and wasting time (these tools will apply to any hired help as well)
– Associates: Everyone wants them, but no one has them. Learn the “how-to’s” that make an associate a successful branch of your business
– Six Figure Drill: See what it will take to make six figures this year …. And how it really isn’t that hard if you know what you’re shooting for

This workshop will give you easy tips that will change your business that night. You will be able to go home, make a few adjustments, and see results immediately. More importantly, though, is the workshop will give you tools to change the scope of your business. The workshop will give you the ability to grow your business and maximize its potential. Seriously – if you’ve ever struggled with any questions relating to business – this is a no-brainer! Take this opportunity to INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESS!

Seattle, WA – Thursday, March 25
Portland, ME – Wednesday, March 31
Phoenix, AZ – Friday, April 16
Washington, DC – Tuesday, April 20
Dallas, TX – Friday, May 14
If you don’t see your city listed and you’re interested in the workshop coming, leave a comment! We’re planning a few more down the road 🙂

This workshop is priced at $300. However, if you sign up by February 15, you can come for only $175!!! Just use “earlybird” as a coupon code 🙂 CLICK HERE to sign up.
NOTE: Since the workshop requires only $100 down to sign up, the discount will be taken out of your final payment.  In other words, by using the earlybird coupon code, your final payment will only be $75.

Don’t forget to take notice of all the amazing sponsors and everything they’re giving away. When you add up all the giveaways, you’re practically getting paid to come to the workshop!
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