Alexis and Jason’s Rehearsal Dinner in Nashville, Tennessee


So Bronson and I have arrived in Nashville, Tennessee for a big wedding this weekend! Our trip out here was a crazy – we flew threw a couple of thunderstorms and landed on one wheel of the airplane. After all the excitement, we quickly checked into our hotel and made our way to the rehearsal dinner.
Alexis and Jason have become good friends of ours through the years. Many of you might actually recognize Jason – he is a fellow San Diego wedding photographer, and shoots weddings with us quite a bit. Over the years, we’ve gotten to know him really well. Bronson and I have even spent some time traveling with Jason to places like Ireland and Costa Rica! A few years ago, he reconnected with an old friend in Nashville …. and now we’re here today!
You can really see how happy the two of them are together. Alexis a perfect match for Jason, and they’re a great couple together. While it is a little nerve wracking to shoot another photographer’s wedding, we’re both soooo excited for today! They’re getting married on a southern plantation – how cool is that??? Enjoy a few images from the rehearsal dinner, with more to come from today!

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