Heather and Jason – Engagement Session – Mt. Soledad and La Jolla, California


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Sara and I first met these two at our church: Flood. While Sara knew Heather from a past girls group, the first time we got to meet the two of them together was at our pre-marital classes. Yes, Sara and I took pre-marital classes. And I know that as a guy, I’m not really supposed to admit it, but it was actually pretty fun. Flood does a really great one, as do a lot of the churches out there. I highly recommend it for all of the engaged couples out there 🙂
Heather and Jason are getting married this September, and I love how honest and real they are together. Right away, from the first time we met them, you can tell its the real deal with this couple. We slipped into ease on the engagement session and had a blast together. They had gotten engaged at Mt. Soledad, and after a quick dash up there from some pictures, we settled at shooting around La Jolla. These images seem to exude classic San Diego – it was a gorgeous day!

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