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This perhaps was one of the most interesting Bauman Lunch experiences I’ve had. We started off on this day with one idea. Let’s not spend too long at lunch and find something local. We started by driving down Adam’s Avenue and stopping at a pizza restaurant. When we went inside, everything on the menu looked very greasy and we turned back. We began to walk down the block and ran into a couple playing cards outside a Lao-Thai food place. The owner encouraged us to come in, and before we knew it, we where settling down this very interesting restaurant, Tham’s Thailand Food.
What made it very interesting was the owner of the restaurant, Tham. When we began to order, we stuck to the lunch specials as we usually do, since they are usually a good deal and you figure they sell a lot of these dishes, so they must be the best value that they offer. There where 4 lunch special options, but Tham could not remember what they where. Ordering a Special #1 was not an option, you had to tell her what the menu said special #1 said.
We where a little concerned that might be a bad sign for the restaurant, but on the plus side, you could see her walking through the back with fresh zucchini and other vegetables getting ready to prepare our food. As we waited we took a minute to look at the decor of the place and you can see a taste for thrifty options, including plastic table covers.
When the food came it looked very good and we began to get excited about how good things smelled. Unfortunately Tham forgot my plate, so I had to wait 10 minutes or so to join in the food. Everyone was happy with the food. It was seasoned very well and was tasty. The red curry was spicy hot and seemed to get only hotter as you made your way through the bowl.
Over all I think it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. No body got sick, but we did feel a bit different all afternoon. Maybe it was a shock to our body from all the spices we had just consumed.

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