Bauman Lunch :: Week 5 of Burger Month

For our 5th and last week of Burger Month, the Bauman Crew decided on Islands Burgers in Mission Valley. We arrived around noon which was prime time and were asked to wait 10-15mins for a table for 7. That wasn’t a problem as we had our trusty camera with us, which allowed for some great photo opportunities.
Once the 6 of us were seated, we were greeted by a wonderful server who was on the ball with refilling our drinks along with the chips and salsa appetizer. She asked if we were waiting for a 7th person, Jared pointed at  Bronson (wearing a plastic viking helmet) and whispered “his imaginary friend”.  She totally believed it and looked very sympathetic until Jared said that he was just joking.  Then our good friend, Kristin was able to join us for the afternoon and took the place of Bronson’s new imaginary friend, Carlos.The burgers came out shortly after and were much larger than expected! Bronson had the Big Wave with teriyaki sauce, swiss cheese, fries and a coke for their lunch special just under $8. Josh chose a cheeseburger and added bacon which he seemed to enjoy! Zimmer chose a more healthy option of a turkey burger on a whole wheat bun that was just as tasty as any other burger! Jared opted for the fish tacos which were a hit and plenty of food.Overall we had a great time and enjoyed our burgers. Needless to say, we are all happy burger month is over and are more than ready to move onto another food group!

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