Taglyan Cultural Complex Wedding :: Los Angeles, CA

Portraits of the bride and groom

Ummm …. so, wow. Where do I start with this one? Marineh and Shant told me I would be in for a treat, and boy was I!

I’ve known Marineh for a few years through our association with her Armenian Bridal Website Harsanik.com. When she called me about potentially shooting her wedding, I was very flattered, but I told her right away that I had never photographed an Armenian Wedding. She chuckled and said she knew that, and she figured she could fill me in.

This was such an amazing day up in the Hollywood area. We started at the hair salon, moved to her parent’s house, headed to the church, over to the park, and then to the reception 🙂 I was thoroughly enthralled with the Armenian culture, and very taken by the life and vigor they have for celebrations. This was a true party, and Marineh and Shant really embraced and enjoyed every minute of it. I think the pictures speak for themselves 🙂

Bride and dress closeup
Bride and groom happy
The bride with her bridesmaids before putting on the dress
The bride and her father embrace
The groom watching the bride enter
The bride entering with her father
The couple being married
The bride and groom leaving
The wedding party in front of the city
The bridal party
The groom and his groomsmen
The bride and his bridesmaid
The bride and groom
The bride and groom, overlook of Los Angeles
Bride and groom landscape
The bride and groom, posing
Bride and groom as the sun sets
The bride and groom enter the reception
The first dance
The bride and her father and the groom and her mother
Cutting the cake
Tossing the bouquet
Getting the garter

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