Bauman Lunch :: Pizza Month, Stop #2


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Laugh Together, Work Together, Stick Together…too cheesy? Our pizza wasn’t! It was another great round for Pizza Month!

This week we went to an old favorite, Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest. They had a legit lunch deal, any two slices with a soda for $6 flat! Their slices are on the larger side so you really feel like you’re getting a good deal. Zimmer ordered the “White Pizza” which was covered in her new favorite, ricotta cheese, and also a slice of the Margarita with tomatoes and basil. Josh and Bronson went for more of the meat lovers slices, with spinach, ricotta and some pepperoni, however Bronson was a little taken aback when the pizza came, for it was NOT the slice he had pointed to. Both Josh and Bronson consumed all the pizza goodness, but Zimmer was unable to finish her slices, just too much food for her! The guys behind the counter were friendly and very authentic and the decor was cool and replicated that of a local pizza shop in NYC with the red and white checkered table clothes. We were in and out within 35mins and back to work in the studio in no time!

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