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This week we kicked off deli month for Bauman Lunch and went to Galione Bros. This place came from one of our Facebook fan suggestions and it was awesome!

It’s great finding a good lunch spot so close to our studio.  This place is located just a freeway exit away on Friars Road in a shopping strip just east of the 15 freeway.  Their specialty is Philly Cheesesteaks.  They had some other subs on their menu, but none of us thought about trying the other ones since the cheesesteaks looked so good.  They have different variations of their cheesesteaks, but still kind of basic options.  You can get any combination of jalapenos, onions, and mushrooms.  You can also get cheese or cheese whiz.  Our resident food expert tells us that the first steak subs in Philly where made without cheese and then shops started adding provolone in the 1930’s and then cheese whiz in the 1950’s when it was introduced.

There was also various types of french fry options.  You could get plain, garlic, whiz, or garlic whiz fries.  You can also top your fries and subs with various pickle and pepper options.

The place was crowded and we where lucky to be a able to find a table where we could all sit together.  It is definitely a popular lunch place.  With it being so close to the studio, I can see us becoming repeat customers.

This weeks photography challenge was shooting everything at f11.  It made for some interesting motion blur moments!

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