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For our last shot at Deli Month, Eder and Zimmer drove into Hillcrest to try out T-Deli! A very generous Meter Maid stopped us because he had found an extra parking ticket so we didn’t have to pay the meter : ) T-Deli was a small restaurant, with racks of spices and fresh fruit. The menu had plenty of options and everything was made fresh daily. Zimmer went with her favorite, the Tuna Melt for about $7. It was lightly toasted with avacado, sweet onions, tomato, cheese and a light garlic mayo spread. Eder ordered and iced tea and the lunch special which was a sandwich and a choice of a fruit bowl or soup. He was impressed with the Mexican Noodle Soup and Pesto Chicken Sandwich. Both were more than enough to eat for the price. It was a small, quiet Bauman Lunch, with just the two of them, but they managed to get some great photos along the way!

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