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We aren’t always shooting weddings …. there is actually a large part of our business dedicated to taking care of corporate event photography. One of our partners is Convis, or the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau. They are a tremendous resource to out of town companies, planning their corporate retreats or conventions in San Diego. We had the pleasure of photographing a recent mixer at the Cully Warehouse in the Gaslamp. Even better, we got to provide a Fun Booth, which is an interactive photo booth designed to create a ton of fun! Check out everyone that got involved!
This is also where we got our company profile picture for Facebook!

Convis Mixer at Culy
candy at culy
padres hat
Culy crowd
Convis mixer presentation area at culy
fun booth at culy
convis mixer fun booth couple at culy san diego
convis mixer in san diego gaslamp
convis mixer group enjoying event at culy
culy guests
culy event
convention at the gaslamp
convention mixer at culy
Culy in san diego fun booth photos


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