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What a better way to get in the mood for Cinco de Mayo then to spend our Bauman Lunch in Old Town! We decided on Old Town Mexican Cafe because of the great decor inside : ) We were seated right away and taken to a booth in the back, and baskets of hot chips and fresh salsa were in front of us within seconds! We looked over the specials that seemed very reasonably priced and put our orders in…Bronson had the Old Fashioned Casserole which came in a hot skillet and fresh tortillas! It had eggs, bacon, cheese and “nopales” (cactus!!). Josie went with the Potato Rolled Tacos and a side of Fideo which is similar to a Mexican pasta with red sauce. Zimmer had the Numero Uno, which was a beef taco and a cheese enchilada paired with a side of rice and beans, a very simple dish but classic! Eder went with the 1/2 Carne Asada & Carnitas plate which was tasty but he was surprised at the lack of salsa and tortillas on the table. Now, Jared was NOT a happy camper…he had the shredded beef burrito and being a local he was surprised at how awful it was, he even went to the extreme by saying it was the single worst beef burrito he has ever had. Wow. That’s intense…Overall, we enjoyed ourselves and had an exciting conversation about our next Bauman Team Day which we will have to keep a secret until then…but believe me, the photos from this Team Day will be AMAZING!

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