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For a quick Bauman Lunch, we headed off to Bronson’s choice of Flame Broiler in Mission Valley. They line was quick, the food was good and there was way more than enough food to eat! With such a simple menu there were only a few options. Eder and Bronson had the Chicken and Beef combo, also known as “The Works” Both felt is was delicious, but maybe could have had more meat and less rice. Zimmer had the beef bowl and Kaitlin had the chicken bowl. Since it’s starting to finally feel like summer, we finished off lunch with some refreshing Frozen Yogurt across the parking lot. However, the service was awful! The woman behind the counter was more than rude to Bronson as he was trying to take some great images of us because she didn’t want photos in her store! Well, then no publicity for you! Maybe next time we should try to Frozen Yogurt at Jamba Juice…

 Guys at Adams Ave.


 Guys at San Diego's Street


 Men playing with sign at San Diego


 The Flame Broiler at Mission Valley


 Inside San Diego Restaurant


 Food plate at The Flame Broiler


 Food Plate at San Diego Restaurant


 Cashier at The Flame Broiler


 Guy at The Flame Broiler


 Paradise Yogurt at San Diego


 Guys walking at Mission Valley

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