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Guys walking in Souplantation Restaurant in Mission George

What a battle this week was! Half of us were totally set on how much we loved Soup Plantation and the others were totally opposed. But, majority won and we headed over to Mission Valley : ) We met up with Sara, Jared’s wife and all formed two lines as we plowed through the salad bar. The only concern was there was clearly not much protein to add. Some of our favorite toppings include the garlic parmesan croutons and fresh red beets! It was amazing how much Bronson could pile on his salad, and he finished it all! We then spent the rest of the meal trying out different pastas and muffins from their plentiful buffet! Eder’s favorite was the frozen yogurt that he put a chocolate chip muffin at the bottom of, great idea I might say…Zimmer enjoyed the blueberry muffins and Bronson’s favorite is the Strawberry Lemonade. It was a light, refreshing Bauman lunch for a hot summer day!

Souplantation Restaurant in Mission Valley
Salad Buffet at San Diego
Salads at Souplantation Restaurant
Salads at Mission Valley Restaurant
Salad at Souplantation
Ingredients for salads at Souplantation Restaurant in Mission Valley
Souplantation Restaurant
Food at Souplantation Restaurant in Mission Valley, San Diego
 Buffet plate at Souplantation in Mission Valley
Food plates and drink at Souplantation Buffet
Sweet bread from Souplantation
Ice cream at Souplantation in San Diego
Cookies and ice cream at San Diego Restaurant
Guy playing with the chair
 Guys outside Souplantation Buffet

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