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Girl Scouts at Balboa Park Area in San Diego

A few weeks ago, we spent an afternoon teaching a Girl Scout Camp all about photography! Josie, our senior intern, volunteers over the summer with a local Girl Scout group, and invited us out for a presentation to the girls on photography. Bronson and I talked to them in a classroom setting for 30 minutes or so, and then created a couple of challenges in the field, designed to improve their photography skills.

And of course … afterwards we enjoyed lunch with them, and goofed around taking a bunch of pictures. Wouldn’t be time with the Bauman Crew without it, right?

Girl Scouts taking pictures at Balboa Park Area
 Model of the shooting at Balboa Park Area
Guy at the Balboa Park Area
Girls Scout Schedule at Balboa Park
Photography lessons at Balboa Park in San Diego
Photography instructors at Balboa Park Girl Scouts
Guy eating at San Diego Balboa Park
Guy making a pose at San Diego Balboa Park
Guys playing around in Downtown San Diego
Guy holding acrobatic position at Balboa Park, San Diego
Guy making an acrobatic position at Downtown San Diego
Guy playing with the garden of San Diego Balboa Park
 Women holding the lunch for Girl Scouts
Girl placing lunch for Girl Scouts at Balboa Park Area
 Sandwich for Girl Scouts lunch in San Diego
 Guy ready to eat at Downtown San Diego
 Drinks and fries at Balboa Park Girl Scouts
Sandwich at Downtown San Diego Area

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