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Last night at our 10 Year Anniversary Party we premiered our promo video for the Bauman Photographers Training Program.    This video shows all the hard work and training that we endure as we prepare for each wedding.  I tell people that I train for wedding photography all the time and we finally have the video to demonstrate. Enjoy!!!


Training Video from Bauman Photographers on Vimeo.


We put together this video last week with the help of Joe Park Wedding Cinematography.  It was so much fun coming up with the ideas and playing them out in front of the camera.  Bronson was absolutely a professional in front of the camera making sure that there was a lot of energy in the video and got in to character even when the camera was not recording.  I think that he was very influential in the direction of the video.

When we came up with the idea of the video we had a lot ideas that where not exactly tied together.  It was a very loose storyboard before and during shooting.  Joe was awesome in editing it all together to tell the story of our training program.

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