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Cheba Hut lunch photography

Last week for Bauman Lunch we went to a place called Cheba Hut. Their slogan is “WHERE THE ONLY THING FRIED IS THE OCCASIONAL CUSTOMER!” I have been wanting to check this place out for a long time.  Every now and then when I need a quick print I’ll send it to  Fromex and they are right next to that print lab.  They have this bright green van that is always parked in the parking lot and grabs my attention.

The first thing that I noticed about this place is that it is 420 inspired.  Their menu is organized with categories named after pot smoking terminology.  I guess it’s only fitting since it is right in the middle of the college area.

For me I was a little overwhelmed with all the different options, so I just told them to give the their customers favorite sandwich.  They suggested the Kali Mist and they did not lead me wrong.  The sandwich was great!

They also offer other treats like hemp brownies and fruit loop rice crispy treats.  They even had Kool-Aid in a fountain.

Cheba Hut toasted subs San Diego
Lunch photography of Cheba Hut
Photographs of lunch in San Diego
San Diego lunch photography
Photographing lunch at Cheba Hut
Cheba Hut photographs in San Diego
Lunch at Cheba Hut photography
Artwork photography in Cheba Hut
Photographing Cheba Hut during lunch
Cheba Hut food photographs
Food photography by Bauman Photographers
Lunch at Cheba Hut in San Diego

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