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Freeb!rds lunch photography in Hillcrest

There were babies this week!! I get a little excited about Bronson’s baby girls coming to lunch.  I feel like every time I see them they have grown so much, so it is awesome when they come around. Spending a full lunch with them was awesome!

We went to Freebirds for lunch to pay homage to Zimmer’s college party days in Santa Barbara. She raved about how good this place was, so we had to check it out. Freebirds is a restaurant with the build your custom burrito model. You start with a tortilla size: the hybird, freebird, monster, or super monster.  Then you go down the line and pick what you want to fill it with.  What I liked most about this place was that the ingredients really tasted fresh and well seasoned.  There was plenty of flavor in my Monster Burrito.

I was also glad that they had a big board with instructions on how to eat the burrito.  I would have been completely lost.

Enjoy the baby photos!!

Bauman Lunch at Freeb!rds
Photographs of Freeb!rds for lunch
Detail photographs of Freeb!rds in Hillcrest
Lunch photography at Freeb!rds
Food photography at Freeb!rds
Menu at Freeb!rds
Burrito photograph from Freeb!rds in Hillcrest
Photography during lunch at Freeb!rds
Freeb!rds lunch in Hillcrest
Lunch time photography at Freeb!rds
Photographs at Freeb!rds in Hillcrest
Bauman Photographers at lunch in Hillcrest
Freeb!rds food photography
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Baby photographs at lunch
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Bauman Photographers lunch in San Diego

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