Admin Building Wedding :: San Diego, CA

portraits outside the San Diego Courthhouse



Claude is a smart guy. He knew that although he and Veronique were having an intimate family wedding at the County building, it would still be good to have some great images of the event! 🙂 It was a great experience working with a couple from another country (both are from France) and it was fun to hear French all day. We started at the county Admin building and then headed to the water for some photos -then, for dinner, the whole bunch went to Mr.A’s for a delicious experience and beautiful view of San Diego

 Court House Wedding in San Diego
Wedding Photos inside Court House
portraits inside the court house
Wedding ceremony in the San Diego Courthouse
San Diego Courthouse wedding photos
Wedding portraits in San Diego
Photos in Courthouse of San Diego
portraits in the gardens of Courthouse San Diego
San Diego courthouse wedding photos
small ceremony wedding photos
fun portraits in SD courthouse gardens
jump portraits in SD courthouse
Bauman photography in SD courthouse
Mr. A's food photography
portraits in Mr. A's restaurant
San Diego Mr. A's interiors
San Diego night portraits in Mr. A's
Group photography in Downtown San Diego
Mr.A's restaurant diner details
inside photos of Mr.A's restaurant in San Diego

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