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Sala Thai restaurant in La MesaSometimes we find food in places we never even thought about looking at. This week Jared made a recommendation to this Thai place he had visited years ago to see if it was still any good. The it’s in a shopping center that I’ve been to many times and I had never seen it. It was hiding from me in plain sight.

The restaurant is called Sala Thai, and it was a great time. They had the typical Thai menu, your curry and noodle dishes with the options of chicken, beef, tofu, or shrimp. The dish that caught my attention was the Crispy Duck which has roasted duck on a bed of assorted vegetables served with plum sauce. It was very delicious.

I don’t know if we found anything unique on this trip, but what we did find was great food at a good price. And we had fun photos outside of the restaurant.

Sala Thai in La Mesa San Diego
photos inside Sala Thai
Bauman photographers in Sala Thai
Creative photo reflections
Coke and ice photo
food photo of Sala Thai
salads in Sala Thai La Mesa
soup and detail photo of food in Sala Thai
detail food photography
Sala Thai food photography
eating in Sala Thai in La Mesa
picture of food dish of Sala Thai
detail food photography of Sala Thai
portraits outside Sala Thai
pictures in Sala Thai in La Mesa
fun portraits in La Mesa

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