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We might have got a little carried away with photos this week, but that is what happens when you have eight fun people at lunch. This lunch we had the whole crew plus past and current interns. We had Bronson, Jared, Kaitlin, Zimmer, Joe, Josie, Blair and my self.

We all met at Taste of the Himalayas in the Point Loma area. Since there was eight of us, it took a little while for us to get seated. So we ventured over to the coin laundry next door and started taking photos. We managed to get some good ones before the manager walked over to ask what we were doing. Good thing we finished with Kaitlin’s photos inside the drier before she walked over. We love taking fun portraits.

Taste of the Himalayas offers food from India, Nepal and Tibet.  I should have taken notes to say what we had because I can’t remember the names of the food. We all stuck to their lunch menu special, they had 6 or 7 items on it like chicken vindaloo and chicken chilli. You got to pick two items and it came with rice an flat bread. We were all very happy with the food.

This was a recommendation from one of our spring 2012 brides. Thanks Micah!

Point Loma portraits
photos in laundry
pictures in Point Loma San Diego
portraits in laundry
Bauman portrait in the Himalayas
San Diego portraits

photos in Point Loma

detail photo of umbrella
portraits in San Diego
Bauman portraits in San Diego
pictures in San Diego by Bauman photographers

Himalayas restaurant sing in Point Loma
Taste of the Himalayas menu
photos inside Taste of the Himalayas
eating in the restaurant Taste of the Himalayas
Bauman portraits in Taste of the Himalayas
food photography in Taste of the Himalayas
detail photos of restaurant Taste of the Himalayas
Indian cuisine of Taste of the Himalayas
pictures of the restaurant Taste of the Himalayas in Point Loma
Indian food photos
food pictures of restaurant Taste of the Himalayas
Bauman food photography
pictures in a San Diego restaurant
Bauman portraits in San Diego
Bauman photographer portrait
creative photos in Point Loma
pictures in Point Loma

fun group photography

San Diego highway photos
street portrait photos
Bauman portraits

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