Meeks Bay Wedding :: Lake Tahoe, CA

groom getting ready I can’t believe what an amazing year of weddings it has been – this one really makes a big boom in the midst of it all though. As in, “BOOM!!” If you have eyes, it will get your attention.

Alex and Ben had their wedding at a place that was very personal to them – Kehlet Mansion. Right on the water, AMAZING. It took a little driving around to find the best spot for the shot with the groomsmen, but everything else was delivered to us on a silver platter as far as light and locations. And as I mentioned on Facebook months ago, yes, it helps that these two are basically both models 🙂

After the personal ceremony, the guests headed between a stand of pine trees for cocktail hour before heading into what was a first for me, a clear roofed tent for the you can see the views, trees and stars! Incredible.

What a fun day!

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