Liquid Kosher

Product Photography Case Study

A Luxurious Way to Wine Down

Back in the early 2000s, Andrew Breskin began his journey in the wine industry and became a certified sommelier- yet also became kosher and unable to enjoy many of the wines that the industry regards as standards of excellence.

From that realization came the founding of Liquid Kosher in 2009, a company that would seek out the finest and most unique Kosher wines across the world, and make them accessible to everyone.

Liquid Kosher needed photography that was as fine as their kosher wines, and that consistently met deadlines.

When Andrew came to us in 2021, he was in need of someone who could provide product photography that could elevate and display the quality of the wines he and his team had tirelessly worked to find.


The Work We’ve Done

Throughout our time working with Liquid Kosher, we’ve completed five different shoots to show off the wines and champagnes that Andrew and the Liquid Kosher team have found.

From wines best enjoyed with fine meats and cheeses to wines enjoyed lounging by the pool during summer, we’ve found ways to display and photograph each fine wine in a way that elevates the product and catches the eye. In order to do this, we’ve made sure our team goes to the locations that Liquid Kosher wants– whether it’s in their cellars or on a set, we go above and beyond to bring our A-game to wherever our client wants to shoot.

Whether it’s providing lighting, props to highlight the product, or editing out anything in the background, we want to make sure that our product photography for them is the best quality possible to represent the work that Andrew has put in to form relationships with wineries all over the world and acquire access to the best kosher wines.

Seasonal Updates

Because many wines are only offered during certain seasons, Andrew and the Liquid Kosher team are continually updating their seasonal collections as they find new varietals and vintages. So they needed a studio that can reliably deliver product photography by their internal deadlines so their clients can begin ordering new seasonal bottles as soon as they hit the cellars. We were able to deliver new product images on time according to their schedule as new wines came into their rotation.


Delivery before the deadline

With blogs coming out regularly, Andrew and the Liquid Kosher needed images before the typical deadline. Because he needed his images before our ten business day deadline, we put a rush on his order to assure he would get a selection of final, edited images early.


Images for Every Device

Andrew needed images for his online shop and social media that would display beautifully on multiple devices. We worked with Andrew to make sure the final image files we delivered were easy for him to use and also appear in detailed high quality, no matter the device or size of the screen used to view their site. 

On-Location Setups

Rather than shooting in our studio, we had multiple sessions both on-site at the Liquid Kosher cellars and sets that we curated to match the image of the session.    By doing this, we provided Liquid Kosher with images that both highlighted and fit their brand.

Level 1 Product Retouching

With Level 1 Product Retouching, we made sure to eliminate dust, distracting elements, and other things that would distract from the product.  By doing this, we made sure that Liquid Kosher had perfect product photography to display on their site and socials.

Professional Styling and Prop Usage

Each wine is different; whether it’s meant to be enjoyed with a fine fish or with a charcuterie board, each has different notes.  That’s why we chose to carefully create different presentations for each bottle, positioning it on its own or with props so we could best create eye-catching images that would highlight Liquid Kosher’s fine collection.

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 If you’re a wine lover, you’re guaranteed to find a wine that will elevate your palate, your next meal, or even be able to be enjoyed on its own when you check out Liquid Kosher’s collection or join its exclusive tasting club.