Skylight Studios Shootout

Sunday, Aug 21, 2022, 1-4 PM PST | 60 dollars early bird, 80 dollars after
4562 Alvarado Canyon Road, Suite R, San Diego, CA 92120

Grow your Portfolio. Make Connections.


Create Something Bold.

If you’re looking to build a new portfolio or stretch your photography skills, Skylight Studio’s August Shoot Out Event is the perfect place for you to do so.  Create something new and bold with our models at the largest Cyc Wall Studio in San Diego.

What is Skylight’s Shoot Out?

Skylight Studios is a 1,800 square foot photo & video production studio located in central San Diego in Mission Gorge. It’s a space meant to create and innovate– that’s why we’re opening up our doors to you with our newest event, our August Shoot Out. Home to the largest Cyc Wall in San Diego, Skylight Studios encourages you to come visit and experience it for yourself during this event.

Explore a New Style, Perfect Your Vision, and Find New Friends at our photography netowrking event, the Shoot Out.

Both a photography networking event and an opportunity to grow your skills, develop your portfolio, and stretch your creative muscles, we want to provide both veteran and new photographers a chance to get to know one another.


What You Can Look Forward To

Three models, three sets, and three one hour time slots for shooting.

The first two hours are limited seats and by ticket reservation only to give you individual time with each model over the course of an hour.

The final hour, we are opening up the space for free to anyone who would like to come, shoot, and network.

-1-2pm – 9 reservations available, $60 each (earlybird), $80 regular
– 2-3pm – 9 reservations available, $60 each (earlybird), $80 regular
– 3-4pm – Open to all for shooting and networking


Breakdancing Models

On our white cyc wall, find a breakdancing troup to create studies on motion and human physicality. Use gels and lighting to find your own perfect vision of motion with these models.


Vintage Glamor

For our studio set, you’ll find a Vanity Fair-esque vintage model and set. With her in full hair and makeup on set, you’ll be able to show off your vision for this high glamor scene. Create editorial photography that will level up your portfolio and show your potential.


Athletes in Action

On our gray cyc wall, find a way to express emotion and athleticism through our athlete model shoot. Whether you’re having them pose with their gear or finding a way to use our colored paper to create something creative, you’ll end up with photos that will catch the eye!

Hone your Craft.

If you’re looking to explore staged model shoots outside of your comfort zone, experiment at Skylight Studio’s August Shoot Out Event.  For 60-80 dollars a ticket, connect with others in your field and explore new styles at Skylight! 

Explore New Methods

If you’ve never gotten a chance to explore editorial photography, or simply want to touch up on your skills with models, you’re sure to come out with new methods and ideas to take into your day-to-day work.

Build Your Portfolio

With a diverse set of models and an opportunity to have focused time with them, you’ll walk away with a new portfolio of images to show clients your range.

Fostering Connections between PhotographerS

Find those who can help you evolve your craft– and become your closest friends! With this photography networking event, you’ll meet people in the San Diego Photography community and build both your portfolio and connections.

Make Connections. Build your BUSINESS.

Buy a ticket now for 60 dollars; after August 1st, prices go up to 80 dollars!

Skylight Studios Shootout

Sunday, Aug 21, 2022, 1-4 PM PST | 60 dollars early bird, 80 dollars after
4562 Alvarado Canyon Road, Suite R, San Diego, CA 92120

Grow your Portfolio, Make Connections