Remember the good old days of handshakes? Heading into a professional meeting, you’d make sure every hair was in place and every wrinkle in your outfit was ironed out. You’d turn on that mega-watt smile, make solid eye contact, reach your hand out and grip theirs as if your business depended on it.

Because oftentimes, it did.

We live in an era of social media and virtual business, and your online presence is that handshake. It’s where your clients first “meet” you. Potential clients are visiting your website to see not only what your business does, but who you are. “Never judge a book by its cover” is a charming sentiment but not entirely plausible.

Constantly perceived by how we look, a high-quality headshot on your website can speak volumes about who you are and what your brand represents – and so does a low-quality headshot.

You may not get a chance at a second impression, so taking the time to update your online presence with a stellar headshot could save you from a potential loss of business. If you’re a selflie pro, here are 5 reasons why you need to put the selfie-stick away and opt for professional headshots:

Look the Part.

If you want to be treated like a professional, you need to look like a professional. A headshot is the perfect opportunity to convey to clients your style, demeanor, and care for presentation. Investing financially in professional headshots shows clients that you take care of yourself and your career. How can we expect clients to trust in our services if we don’t take our business seriously? Show your clients that you care about what you have to offer them by presenting yourself in the best light possible.


There are still a surprisingly high amount of professionals relying on low quality point-and-shoot headshots they’ve asked a friend to take. Potential clients will take a closer look at your business if you’re sharing a photo that is top-notch and visually appealing. You are more likely to stay on clients’ minds if you allow them to put a professional face to a name. What impression do you want them leaving with once they’ve navigated away from your website?


Pun intended. It’s a fast-paced world out there, and clients are often too busy to linger on your website for very long. A good headshot is your opportunity to make a lasting, first impression. Don’t waste that opportunity! Bring your A-game and create a desire in potential clients to stay a while longer with your business page.

You’re itching to get your headshot taken now, right? A few things to consider: What sentiment are you wanting to present with your headshot? How much time do you have to invest? What are you using your headshot for?

There can be so many factors to consider when choosing to book a headshot session. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! At Bauman Photographers, we have created 3 difference headshot experiences that are guaranteed to meet your specific needs.


Carving out a few hours for a headshot session can be extremely difficult, which is why we’ve created what is affectionately referred to around here as the “Lunch Break Session”. The Standard Headshot was created to meet the needs of our on-the-go professionals. In just 30 minutes, you’ll be walking out of our studio with a gallery of top-notch headshots to choose from. We provide a gray, white, and cozy living room background and encourage up to 3 different outfits.

In the world of headshots, this is your handshake to potential clients. You are telling your clients, “This is my business. I will deliver my services, and I care about the quality of what you will receive.”


If a Standard Headshot is a handshake, then the Stylized Headshot is a hug. With these photographs, you’re telling your client, “This is me! This is my brand and I want you to know who I am.”

Stylized headshots were originally created by artists for artists. We realized that a single headshot just couldn’t capture the breadth of talent and expression of performance-based artists, so we created a session with the goal of capturing as many different looks as possible. Stylized headshots are designed to capture personality and variety. Although these headshots were initially created for artists, they are an excellent option for anyone who wants to communicate personality and approachability with potential clients. We use completely unique cinematic lighting that makes for an incredibly comfortable experience without the constant flashing of lights in your face.

These headshot sessions are a dialogue. We sit down with you and get to know you before you ever step in front of the camera. Sipping on our coffee, we’ll work together to explore different looks to create as much variety as possible. In only allowing two Stylized headshot sessions in a day, we dedicate either a full morning or full afternoon to helping you find the perfect image that defines your brand and personality. And you’ll have fun, fun, fun!


While Stylized Headshots allow you to show your personality through your facial expressions, an Editorial Headshot shows clients who you are in the environment in which you conduct your business. These images can be used to not only represent you as a professional, but your business on the whole. Does your office aesthetic reflect your simple, clean style? Is your company reflected in the fast-paced hustle and bustle found in the city? Is your team laid-back and collaborative?

We will join you on location to capture you in your work environment. Who doesn’t love a behind the scenes look at where all the magic happens? With these images, you are inviting potential clients into your world. The Editorial Headshot reaches beyond a handshake and invites the client to come in, have a cup of coffee, and take a look around before asking, “How can we help you today?”


Are you ready for your closeup? We’d love to hear about how we can create images that will take your business to the next level. Let’s connect and collaborate!