Good Tidings of Great Lands, and I need a great fan


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So…as many of you know, Jared is off gallivanting around New Zealand.
And just so you know, x= “gallivanting”, y= “working up his landscape portfolio”, and x=y. Does anyone remember how to work the Transitive Property of Equality?

Jared brought up an interesting point in one of his emails. It is summer over there! He gets to have two summers this year! I guess that would be a bigger deal if we were based in Chicago, because living in San Diego is similar to having summer all year long.

Actually, that last sentence was completely false. It’s cold right now. It gets into the 30s at night. And I feel it too!

You might ask:
“How do you feel the cold if you are inside all night?”
-Because my roommate and I keep our window open.

“Why would we do such a thing?”
-Air Circulation. It is key. I’ll take cold over stuffy ANY day!

“Why don’t you get a fan?”
-Excellent question.

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