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So as we continue to grow and expand here, we’ve decided to make a big change – our name. As of today, we will be Bauman Photographers instead of Bauman Photography! Bronson and I have been working together for so long now, and as a partner, this helps to give him more weight in the company. If we could change the name away from “Bauman”, I think we would. But you guys have all done such a wonderful job of spreading the word about us that I think we’re kind of stuck with my last name tied to the company.
Thanks again for all your continued support! We feel so blessed to do this for a living, and honestly look forward to each and every wedding we get to go to.
Stay tuned, because there will be some BIG changes over the next few days. We’ll be announcing them here, so keep checking back. Bear in mind, it will take a bit for this change to filter through everywhere, so you’ll probably be seeing our old name for a bit longer.
This is exciting 🙂

The Bauman Team

We are Bauman Photographers, a team of experienced photographers who produce vibrant, inventive imagery to elevate brands.

Whatever your photography needs may be, we have the team, skill, and experience to produce it in one simple streamlined process

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