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Hello from Kilkenny, Ireland! We’ve migrated south for the time being – we’re basically doing a clockwise tour of the bottom half of the country.

Here is a shot of where Jason and I stayed last night – Faulksrath Castle! Thats right, we got to stay in a castle! This place was so amazing – built in the 14th century, attacked by Oliver Cromwell in the 1800’s, it is chock full of history. Of course, our room was on the top floor – up 61 steep, narrow steps. The castle is supposed to be haunted by three ghosts, as told by one of the ghosthunters staying in our room. All in all, it couldn’t have been a more amazing (and cold) experience!

So that night, after setting up at the castle, we went into the town of Ballyragget, a few kilometers away, for a pint. We stumbled upon The West End, a small pub on the outskirts of town. Not too crowded in the winter, we struck up a fun conversation with the owner Tom. By the end of the night, Tom was teaching us how to pour our own Guiness’! Here’s a shot of Jason pouring!

Bronson joins us in a few days! More to come, thanks for checking in!


Days in Ireland: 5
Current Guiness count: 5.25

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