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Hello from the big state of Texas!
I’m out here in Dallas doing a destination engagement session with Joivel and Al, one of my couples for next month. They’ll be getting married in Mexico on August 18th, and they flew me out to Dallas for their engagement session.
This couple is a blast to hang out with! I landed today to 110 degree weather and humidity something about the same. I tell you – its hot and muggy here! I’m sure its normal for all the rest of you, but for a SoCal boy, I feel like I’m going to melt! Anyways, we had a blast hanging out in downtown Dallas, shooting away. We grabbed some dinner at a neat Italian place that had a striking resemblance to The Spaghetti Factory.
I thought I’d post a few images from the shoot today – sorry I can’t get more up! Its getting late here and we have more shooting to do tomorrow morning 🙂
Tomorrow I’m also speaking at the Dallas PUG – if you’re in the area, make sure to drop by!

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